The Mass Casualty Incident Response Kit (MCIRK) began with a military version TSSi developed in response to the needs in Afghanistan and Iraq for treating significant numbers of severely injured casualties with easy-to-use medical equipment. We then developed a second version to provide emergency responders with the same ability to treat traumatic, life-threatening injuries for 12-20 (+) casualties from a single bag. Both versions contain numerous removable Trauma Packs; each individually capable of treating multiple persons having a variety of injuries. The MCIRK was specifically designed for use in any location where large crowds typically gather.
Dimension: 18"H x 20"W x 14"D

Field Ready Contents:

  • Rescue Access Tool

  • Tourniquets

  • QuikClot® Combat Gauze LE

  • Compression Bandages

  • Abdominal Dressings

  • Kerlix Gauze Rolls 4.5" x 4yd

  • Chest Seals

  • Blast Bandages, 20" x 20"

  • Burn Dressings, 18" x 18"

  • Gauze Pads, 4" x 4" 2pk

  • Nasopharyngeal Airways with Lube

  • SAM Splints 36"

  • SAM Splints 18"

  • Elastic Bandages 4" x 5 yds

  • Tape Rolls 3" x 10 yds

  • Tape Rolls 2" x 10 yds

  • Trauma Shears

  • Triangular Bandages 40" x 40"

  • Hypothermia Blankets

  • Emergency Blankets, Silver/Orange

  • Pole-less Litters

  • Nitrile Gloves

  • Blue Sharpie Markers

  • Hi Intensity White Chemlights

  • Safety Control Seals

  • Contents Re-Order Card



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