As part of our ongoing efforts to increase the survivability of members of the Armed Forces, TSSi is proud to offer the Individual Combat Identification Marking System (ICIMS). TSSi developed a system specifically to aid in preventing fratricide down to the lowest possible level. Misidentification both at night, and during periods of reduced visibility, has resulted in the unintentional serious injury and death of service members at the hands of friendly forces utilizing sensor-aimed weapons. ICIMS is designed with a combination of both active and passive measures to enhance combat identification of the individual warrior. Organizations may custom configure their own ICIMS by “building upon” these quantities in order to receive an ICIMS that is specific to their unique mission requirements.

Basic ICIMS Contents:

  • 1 Fixed Flash Rate Infrared (IR) Beacon

  • 1 9-Volt Battery

  • 1 2’ x 2” Thermal Combat Identification

  • 5 1” x 1” IR Helet Markers, Button Attachment

  • 4 1” x1” IR Uniform Markers, Hook & Loop Attachment 1 Soft Carry Case for all Components

  • 1 Combined Instruction Sheet & Content List

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