TSSi’s Executive Protection Medical Kit (EPMED Kit) secures emergency medical equipment underneath the front or back of a vehicle seat.

The TSSi EPMED Kit is designed to attach underneath the front or back of the front seat of any vehicle and provide the occupants immediate access to three removable mesh pouches labeled and equipped to provide emergency medical treatment for minor through traumatic injuries and in support of CPR. Contents include a tourniquet, pressure bandages, chest seals, compressed kerlix gauze, bag valve mask, a nasopharyngeal airway and numerous other items. Each pouch has a sewn red loop for quick tear away. The main compartment has 2 elastic loops located at the top and bottom of the kit for additional equipment such as EpiPens, chemlights or decompression needles. The kit is accessed via a large red pull handle attached to dual zippers for one-handed opening and easy visibility in low light.  The EPMED Kit is secured underneath the seat using adjustable bands that double as a shoulder strap when transporting the kit outside of the vehicle. The kit has 3" × 2" Velcro® loop sewn on the front panel and comes with a supplied subdued Velcro® medic patch or used with other identifiers.

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